Three recommendations that outline the most important learnings as inspiration for future projects.
The essence of the recommendations underlying in the approach of the project and present to a varying degree in all the different zooms.

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According to the UN, youth in Kosovo face serious challenges in participating in public life. It specifically manifests itself in:

  • Young people are not part of public discussions
  • Young people’s voice is not heard in policy-making or decision-making
  • Young people are discouraged to participate in public life
  • Young people’s concerns remain in informal spaces and are not addressed by the institutions

A qualitative approach

But what do these challenges actually mean in the context of the everyday? Through collaborative research activities grounded in the lived everyday life of youth in Kosovo, we sought to transform these intangible challenges into concrete and actionable ideas.

In a constructive opposition to the traditional 'development gaze' of 'the blank canvas' ready to be developed, the three recommendations below outline the qualitative approach applied in this project specifically focusing on what is already there.

Start with the concrete.
Not with generalisations!

Youth engagement is an abstract term that have endless interpretations, but often we do not really know what it means. We need concrete examples to support a dialogue – stories about protesting at the university, blogging about activities in Gjilan/Gnjilane or starting up an arts center.

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City walks
Youth engagement on film
Exchanging snapshots

Gather around concerns and aspirations. Segments don't exist!

When inviting people to participate, the invitation needs to resonate with their lived everyday. Something has to be at stake as a reason to engage. Categories like ‘young’ does not necessarily resonate among young people as something to identify with, but concrete concerns and aspirations like a closed down cinema in Gjilan/Gnjilane does.

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Events have to resonate
Everyday stories as a game of domino
Inviting with engaged, local partners

Work from what is already there. Not from what is missing!

This project shows that youth in Kosovo are engaged in their society in various ways. But the engagements do not necessarily correspond with a UN understanding of engagement such as a public discussion or decision-making processes. Engaging in collaborations is a way to work around what might seem missing from an outside perspective, and attune to the relevant and locally anchored things already going on.

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Exchanging snapshots
Youth engagement on film
Making a dialogue cinema